Travelling to Thailand for 10 days with friends, Callum Snape is a photographer and destination content marketer from Vancouver, Canada. Nestled in the rainforested, mountainous island of Phuket in the Andaman Sea, Callum and his crew took to the beaches, temples and other adventures they could find along the way while local chefs and guides added to their rich experience.

“The ‘land of smiles’ lived up to it’s reputation,” he explains. “The people here were incredibly friendly and were happy to share their country with us, educate us on their way of life and let us dive deep in to their culture and history.”

  • IMG_1577 - Callum Snape

    Pink hues ignite towering islands

  • IMG_2525 - Callum Snape

    Exploring some of the caves in Phang Nga Bay

  • IMG_1883 - Callum Snape

    Talking advantage of a rope swing on a limestone formation

  • IMG_2102 - Callum Snape

    A free roaming rhesus monkey

  • IMG_1899-Edit - Callum Snape

    Swimming in the clear and calm waters of Phang Nga Bay

  • IMG_2127 - Callum Snape

    Wat Pra Thong temple overwhelmed the senses

  • IMG_2163 - Callum Snape

    Incense and candles filled the room with beautiful aromas

  • IMG_2177 - Callum Snape

    A woman prays inside the Wat Pra Thong temple

  • IMG_2317 - Callum Snape

    The Weekend Market in Phuket Town offered a variety of delicious food

  • IMG_2010 - Callum Snape

    Freshly caught fish being air dried

Written and photographed by Callum Snape

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